• Lives that matter

    Another April 9, and what about the victims?
    9 de abril del 2019

    "To be a victim is to be jobless, to be rejected for leaving one town and trying to move on in another place, is to be told that you don't have the right to this or that.” Mary* remembers the exact date she had to leave her village. She had not been able to pay for the vaccine that the guerrillas had been asking her for months and one day when she returned to her farm there was nothing left. Her house had been burned down and the cattle she used to bargain with had been taken away. Fortunately, her children were gone and her youngest daughter was with her; she took the few things she found still useful and drove 15 hours on a motorcycle to meet a sister she didn't know to start from scratch.

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  • Colombian girls and adolescents are in danger

    10 de julio

    Angie Lorena Nieto was sexually abused and murdered on January the 1st in the municipality of Cabuyaro, Meta at 12 years old. Three months later, on March 30th, 11-year old Diana Tatiana Rodríguez was raped and murdered in the city of Buenaventura. Angie Carolina Pineda Sierra was also killed on May the 11th at 14 years old in Cúcuta. Jazmine Adriana Martínez was tortured, raped, and murdered on June 17th with 17 years old. Recently on July 3rd a 12-year-old Indigenous girl from the Emberá people was murdered in the department of Risaralda. According to the National Institute of Forensic Medicine, in Colombia approximately 55 girls and adolescents are raped on a daily basis, and every third day one of them is brutally killed.

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